Statutory accident insurance

  • Over 70 million insured individuals
  • Of these, 17.3 million children and students
  • Financed by 3 million commercial businesses, 450,000 public institutions, and 120,000 schools


The members of the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) umbrella association are the BGs for the industrial sector and the accident insurance institutions for the public sector. The nine current BGs in the industrial sector are structured along sectoral lines. The public-sector accident insurance institutions are divided into 19 accident insurance funds and associations of municipal accident insurers, four fire services accident insurance funds, the postal and telecommunications services respectively, and the accident insurance federation and course. The latter two bodies operate at national level.

In addition, the DGUV is divided into six regional associations. The regional associations carry out the common regional tasks of their member institutions in the areas of prevention and rehabilitation.

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