10 years of Indo-German cooperation

Group photo with deputy Indian ambassador

Source: © DGUV

Indo and German representatives gave an insight in their experiences including successful projects as well as approaches to improve safety and health at work. They also highlighted the positive impact of occupational safety and health on economic development and productivity. Sustainable supply chains and the vision zero fund were discussed as well. In India the vision zero strategy, a strategy with the aim to avoid severe work accidents and diseases is already used and has raised the awareness of companies that productivity and occupational safety and health go hand in hand.

A subject of high priority in India as in Germany is the future of the world of work. Even though the situation concerning the workforce, the demographic development and formal employment is different, digitalization and technological progress influences the world of work in India as in Germany.

Group photo with german State Secretary Dr. Schmachtenberg

Source: © DGUV

The German State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs underlined in his greeting speech this development and spoke about an adapted occupational safety and health 4.0. In this process, both sides can profit from the exchange of experiences. Prof. Dr. Breuer, Director General of DGUV was impressed by approaches in India in the field of digitalisation and technological progress and how to use them for occupational safety and health. He underlined, that international cooperation is no one-way street, on the contrary, every side should profit. Secretary Heeralal Samariya mentioned in his speech the impressive reform of labour law in India with the aim to extend social protection to the working population. In India, around 3 percent of the working population belongs to the formal sector. Secretary Samariya underlinded that the German experience in the field of occupational safety and health and social protection against work accidents and diseases has been helpful in this process.

The programme in detail can be found here (PDF, 45 kB, non-accessible) .

Video Statements on the cooperation can be found here.

Statement Prof. Breuer

2. Statement Dr. Breuer

Statement Prof. Noetel

2. Statement Prof. Noetel

3. Statement Prof. Noetel

Statement Dr. Jühling

Statement Heerelal Samariya