EAACI Congress 2024
Date: 31. May - 03. June 2024

Valencia, Spain

Under the banner of “Revolutionizing Patient Care Through the Power of Data Science,” our focal point is to emphasize the significance of Allergy and Clinical Immunology through Personalized Care, Data Science, and the One Health approach.

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7th Joint Microbiology and Infection Conference
Date: 02. - 05. June 2024

Würzburg, Germany

Main topics:

  • Biotechnology & Synthetic Microbiology
  • Challenges in Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Climate Change & Microbes
  • Communicating Microbes
  • Microbiology in the Digital Era
  • Microbiomes
  • Phages and novel microbial defense systems

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International Symposium ”Hazardous Substances in Maintenance Work: Risks and Prevention“
Date: 11. - 12. June 2024

Frankfurt, Germany

On 11–12 June 2024, a symposium of the International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in the Chemical Industry takes place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on the topic “Hazardous Substances in Maintenance Works”.

Maintenance work is very accident-prone. Triggers for incidents include inadequate safety planning and preparation, creative improvisations when unexpected problems occur, and conscious or unconscious changes to the plant. Therefore, it is important to repeatedly raise the hazard awareness of all those involved. This is especially true when hazardous substances may be present in the facility, used by maintenance personnel, or generated or released during activities.

Based on incidents during maintenance work, the conference will cover a wide range of topics including the interface between man and equipment with the aspects of work psychology and instruction, cooperation with external companies as well as the current state of standardization for pipe labelling. Other focal points include the exposure of maintenance personnel to welding fumes, the topics of hot work and explosion protection, the collection of hazardous waste, the transport of hazardous goods and maintenance as well as transport and waste disposal of damaged lithium batteries. The challenges for both large-scale industry and the skilled trades are highlighted.

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German Occupational Health and Safety Congress 2024
Date: 17. June - 07. November 2024

Wuppertal, Germany

Experts from the occupational safety sector united in one place. Keynote speeches and practice-oriented workshops to help you reduce the number of accidents at work and unsafe situations in your company. Dr. Stefan Hussy will speak on the topic of "The influence of digitalization and climate change on occupational health and safety".

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ESCD Congress 2024
Date: 04. - 07. September 2024

Dresden, Germany

Congress of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis. The ESCD congress will provide a platform for delegates and industry to network with leading experts in the field, to participate in different session formats, such as plenaries, focus sessions, educational sessions and poster presentations, to deepen the understanding of the latest research and practices in the field.

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Joint Annual Meeting of the GMDS, DGSMP, DGEPI, DGMS, DGPH
Date: 08. - 13. September 2024

Dresden, Germany

Health - thinking, researching and acting together: This is the motto under which the leading specialist societies in the fields of biomedical informatics, biometrics, epidemiology, social medicine, prevention, medical sociology and public health are coming together for the first time: GMDS, DGSMP, DGEPI, DGMS and DGPH.The conference will take place in a network at the culturally rich Deutsches Hygiene-Museum.

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Eurotox 2024
Date: 08. - 11. September 2024

Copenhagen, Denmark

The congress theme “Toxicology – A Quest for safe Chemicals and Medicines” reflects the congress programme including a variety of topics dealing with safety of drugs and environmental chemicals, new and emerging technologies, personalised medicine, human health effects caused by exposure to chemicals as well as safety issues arising from climate changes.

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12th International Conference Working on Safety (WOS) 2024
Date: 22. - 25. September 2024

Dresden, Germany

12th International Conference Working on Safety (WOS) 2024

“Working on Safety – WOS” is an international network of decision makers, researchers and professionals responsible for the prevention of accidents and trauma at work.
The network aims to bring prevention experts together from all over the world in order to facilitate a high level exchange of experience, new findings and best practices between different countries and sectors. It will be an excellent occasion for representatives of H&S organisations, researchers, policy makers, safety professionals, labour inspectors, labour administrators and other experts in the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases to join in a permanent international expert network.

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19th German Allergy Congress
Date: 26. - 28. September 2024

Dresden, Germany

The 2024 Allergy Congress will be held under the motto "Tolerance - on a small and large scale". It will be hosted by the specialist societies GPA, DGAKI and AeDA.

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15th Potsdam BK Days
Date: 30. September - 01. October 2024

Potsdam, Germany

On September 30 and October 1, 2024, the Northeast Regional Association of the German Social Accident Insurance is organizing its 15th Potsdam BK (occupational disease) Days.

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Arbeitsschutz Aktuell
Date: 05. - 07. November 2024

Stuttgart, Germany

Tradefair for occupational safety in Stuttgart.

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40th Munich Hazardous Substances and Safety Days
Date: 27. - 28. November 2024

Munich, Germany

The specialist congress for environmental protection, health protection and occupational safety takes place on site in Munich and digitally.

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