Projects at the Center of Allergology/Immunology

Project-No. Project-Title
IPA-188-LongCOVID Determination of the immune status among insured persons of the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for health and welfare services (BGW) as part of the follow-up of COVID-19 disease
IPA-164-Occupational Dermatology Occupational Dermatology
IPA-145-Bioaerosols Bioaerosols based adverse health effects – Investigation of cellular pathomechanisms and optimization of IgE- and IgG-mediated allergy diagnosis
IPA-111-Allquant Quantification/Monitoring of Allergens
IPA-109-AllergoVet Burden of animal allergens among veterinary medicine students in Germany (longitudinal study)
IPA-48-NIM Noninvasive techniques in the monitoring of occupational pulmonary diseases
IPA-14-All/IMM-D Allergological and immunological services