Projects at the Center of Medicine

Project-No. Project Title
IPA-199-Long-COVID Dyspnea Respiratory muscle impairment due to SARS-CoV-2 infection
IPA-185-Antimicrobial Soap Comparison of skin irritation potential of antimicrobial soap formulations vs standard soap and alcohol-based sanitzer rub
IPA-184-IP_Skin_protection Occlusive gloves: skin protection before or after wearing?
IPA-182-EVA-Mesotheliom Extended surveillance for early detection of mesothelioma
IPA-180-IP_Asthma Asthma and Work: Longitudinal study of the impact of individual prevention in employees with work-related allergic bronchial asthma on asthma control, disease-related quality of life, and quality of life satisfaction.
IPA-178-Mask-Study Impact of different mask types for prevention of SARS-CoV-2 on cardiopulmonary performance and subjective impairment during physical work
IPA-164-Occupational Dermatology Occupational Dermatology
IPA-152-Odors_Irritants Odors and irritants at the workplace
IPA-132-Particle-Assay Toxicological and functional characterisation of particles including fibers and nano materials
IPA-126-Dermatology Dermatological advice and diagnosis
IPA-108-Particles Cell experimental studies into the effects of particles
IPA-72-Medical-Advice Occupational medicine advice
IPA-66-ExpoLab Exposure laboratory
IPA-63-DermaTox Dermal Penetration of hazardous substances
IPA-48-NIM Non-Invasive techniques in the monitoring of occupational pulmonary diseases
IPA-004-Medicine-Diagnosis Diagnosis of occupational diseases


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