Right of recourse in foreign countries

The law governing statutory accident insurance gives institutions providing such insurance the possibility to claim compensation for benefits provided from injuring parties or their insurers via the statutory transfer of claims for damages (right of recourse). The right to compensation and the possibility of recourse also exist in principle if the insured person is harmed abroad (or harmed in Germany by a person residing abroad).

Particularly in the case of harm suffered abroad, account must be taken of the applicable principles of compensation which often differ from country to country and therefore make it more difficult to enforce claims (e.g. low maximum damages, short time limits for filing claims and short limitation periods, no recognition of the statutory transfer of claims for damages).

The DGUV collects information on the compensation law of foreign countries, informs its members by circular letter and issues opinions on questions of principle and specific matters as well as on the case-law concerning the possibilities of recourse in foreign countries.


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