Position of the German Social Accident Insurance on prevention

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In order to create a common understanding of prevention in the continually changing world of work and education, the Members' Meeting of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) adopted the following joint "Position of the German Social Accident Insurance on Prevention" on 29 November 2018:

Position of the German Social Accident Insurance on prevention
1. With the Vision Zero, we pursue the objective of a world without occupational accidents, occupational diseases or work-related health hazards. Its highest priority is to prevent fatal and serious work accidents and occupational diseases. Safety and health are integrated at all levels of decision-making and action through a culture of prevention.
2. We provide advice and support, monitor the observance of statutory provisions governing safety and health, and enforce the necessary prevention measures as part of our monitoring mandate.
3. By providing a cohesive body of rules and regulations, we equip the individuals responsible in companies and educational institutions to take the action required.
4. We promote safety and health by delivering prevention, rehabilitation and compensation services and benefits with respect to occupational and commuting accidents and occupational diseases.
5. Our purposeful training measures help to make work safer and healthier.
6. We promote the acquisition by children, teenagers and young adults of the health and safety skills that they will need for their adult lives.
7. Together with Germany's federal and regional authorities and the social partners, we promote and advance the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy. In the areas of prevention and health promotion, we promote cooperation with other social insurance agencies, and with all relevant institutions, particularly in the context of Germany's national prevention strategy.
8. We ensure the continual and ongoing development of our prevention services through in-house research, funding of third-party research and evaluation.
9. In the interests of our insured individuals and member companies, we participate actively at national, European and international level in the development of prevention activities and training.
10. We rise to the challenges of digitalization, and support companies, educational institutions and insured individuals through the process of transition.