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Permissible values for electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are set out in regulations. They enable the assessment of possible hazards presented by exposure to such fields. The regulations differ in their scope and in the terms used for the permissible values. The appropriate regulatory document must therefore first be selected, in consideration of the exposure situation (occupational relevance, wearers of implants, general public). The tables found in the bodies of regulations list the permissible values to be applied in consideration of the EMF frequency. These tables often also contain formulas that require the permissible value for a given frequency to be calculated.

To facilitate the process in general and determination of which values are appropriate, EMF experts at the German Social Accident Insurance have developed the Limit Info Tool for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF-LIT). This web application was developed jointly by the IFA and the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions for the energy, textile, electrical and media products sectors (BG ETEM), the woodworking and metalworking industries (BGHM), the trade and distribution industry (BGHW) and the raw materials and chemical industry (BG RCI).

Further technical information on the subject of electromagnetic fields in occupational safety and health is available from the IFA

Description of the software

The web application runs in a browser. Therefore, no software needs to be installed. It is available in English and German. Users of EMF-LIT can select from six different bodies of regulations: four of relevance to occupational safety and health, two to the general public. Further explanations of the bodies of regulations can be found on the application's Help tab.

The launch page of the software displays the Magnetic fields, Electric fields and Help tabs.

Either a single frequency or a frequency range can be specified, and the desired unit can be selected. An uncertainty factor can also be taken into account during calculation of the permissible values in the table.

The web application displays the permissible values both in a table and on a graph. When a frequency range is entered, the lowest permissible value within this frequency range is displayed automatically.

Further explanations on use of the tool can also be found on the Help tab.

EMF-LIT is to be regarded as a tool for preparation of risk assessments. Responsibility for assessing a workplace and assuring employee safety rests with the parties performing the risk assessment, as before.

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System requirements

  • The web application has been tested in the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers.
  • It can also be used on mobile devices.


This web application was developed with care and in accordance with up-to-date good practice. No liability can however be assumed, on whatever legal basis, for the correctness of the results.

Licensing information

The web application is available for autonomous use without restrictions. No entitlement to technical support or other services from the IFA may be assumed.


Should you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please contact the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA).