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Indoor workplaces can be subject to electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields. In office workplaces, they are generated by the (electrical) equipment typically found there. However, the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields emitted by such equipment are small. The maximum permitted values for these fields are generally complied with in offices and hazards to humans are unlikely. Values above the permissible values can also be ruled out for indoor workplaces near power supply and distribution units.

Though electrostatic charges can occur in indoor workplaces, the electrostatic fields they generate do not generally pose a hazard for employees. However, discharge processes can potentially result in startle responses as well as damage to electronic components. Electrostatic charge should therefore be avoided as far as possible in indoor workplaces. The charge and discharge process is influenced in order to reduce electrostatic charging: by means of conductive materials, reduction of the contact surface areas, or earthing of work equipment and office furnishings.

Individual risk assessment may be necessary for people with active medical implants (e.g. pacemakers).

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