Building, furnishings and building service systems

Virtual building mounted on a construction plan

Source: V. Yakobchuk, fotolia

Building design, furnishings and building service systems are key potential contributors to health problems in indoor workplaces. In addition to construction and layout, the building materials and the technical equipment installed are of particular relevance.

Questionnaire S2 deals with the building situation and is intended to help ascertain whether employees' health complaints might be linked to the building in which they work. S2 must be completed based on the information gathered in the investigation of the work environment using questionnaire G2 which must always be carried out beforehand. To gain full benefit, both investigations should be carried out in collaboration with the people responsible for managing the building.

If a building has serious defects (e.g. water damage), experts must be brought in to provide advice on the necessary repair work. Questionnaire S2 can be backed up by investigations specifically dealing with:

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