Proficiency testing for organic solvents

Test gas stream

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Part of IFA's test gas stream
Source: IFA

Proficiency testing (PT) is offered solely with own sampling. Participants perform sampling for organic solvents themselves at the dynamic test gas stream at the IFA[1].

The concentrations to be measured depend on the occupational limit values of the solvents. They will lie within the range of 1/100 to two times the AGW1 value.

The PT scheme consists of three runs with different substances and different concentrations in the test gas. The test gas will contain up to ten different organic solvents.

Examples of substance selection – Proficiency testing for organic solvents

Substance group Substances
Alkanes [1] cyclohexane, n-decane, n-heptane, n-hexane, methylcyclohexane, n-nonane, n-octane
Alcohols 2-butanol, i-butanol, n-butanol, cyclohexanol, ethanol, 1-propanol, 2-propanol
Aromates [2] cumene, ethylbenzene, propylbenzene, toluene, 1,2,3-trimethylbenzene, 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene, 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene, o-/m-/p-xylene
Esters [3, 4] n-butyl acetate, i-butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, methyl acetate, methyl methacrylate, n-propyl acetate, i-propyl acetate
Ethers [4] 2-butoxyethanol, 2-butoxyethyl acetate, 1,4-dioxane, 2-methoxy-1-methylethyl acetate, 1-methoxy-2-propanol, tetrahydrofuran

The substances can be analysed by means of the analysis methods according to IFA Folder No. 7732 [2], 7733 [3], 7322 [4] resp. 7569 [5].

1 Proficiency testing with sampling

A large-scale dynamic test gas stream can be found at the IFA. It is suitable for parallel sampling by up to 25 participants.

  • When: 2nd/3rd May 2022
  • Where:
    Institut für Arbeitsschutz der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung (IFA)
    Alte Heerstr. 111
    53757 Sankt Augustin
  • Concentration range: 1/100 to two times the AGW1 value.
  • Number of test series: 3
  • Duration per test series: 2 hours plus preparation time and run-in period.
  • Accomodations: Hotels at Sankt Augustin (PDF, 105 KB)

2 Proficiency testing without own sampling

The proficiency testing Organic Solvents will be offered 2022 only with own sampling.

1 The German acronym AGW stands for Arbeitsplatzgrenzwert (Occupational Exposure Limit value – OEL). For carcinogenic substances and substances without AGW the database GESTIS - International limit values for chemical agents ( is used.

Covid-19 regulations:

Only one person per participating company is allowed to attend; this person must be able to prove that he/she has been fully vaccinated or that he/she has recovered from an infection (not more than ½ year ago).

Please also inform yourself again before your visit about the visit regulations of the DGUV that will then apply.



[1] Ringversuch Organische Lösemittel (Kennzahl 1630-1) In: IFA-Arbeitsmappe Messung von Gefahrstoffen.

[2] Kohlenwasserstoffe, aliphatisch (Kennzahl 7732). In: IFA-Arbeitsmappe Messung von Gefahrstoffen.

[3] Kohlenwasserstoffe, aromatisch (Kennzahl 7733). In: IFA-Arbeitsmappe Messung von Gefahrstoffen.

[4] Essigsäureester (Kennzahl 7322). In: IFA-Arbeitsmappe Messung von Gefahrstoffen.

[5] Glykolester, Glykolether, Methacrylsäuremethylester (Kennzahl 7569). In: IFA-Arbeitsmappe Messung von Gefahrstoffen.


Division 2: Chemical and biological hazards

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